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Iion and Infrared Hair Straightener Iron
Molde No:JS156 
LCD display

220 top temperature
Ionic and Infrared


[1] IONIC:When the screen shows negative ions,the negative ion emitter is turned on ,and on the other hand the faction is turned off.
[2] INFARED:When the display have infrared indication,the infrared function is turned on,otherwise,the function is turned off.
[3] Temperature range:120℃-220℃.
[4] Selection the operate temperature according to level or curl,thickness or level of hair damage.
[5] Strong-middle(220℃-180℃):strong curly hair,healty hair.
[6] Middle-light(180℃-150℃):Weak damage hair,normal hair.
[7] Light-light(150℃below):strong damaged hair,thin hair.

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