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bling hair flat iron

Model No:JS166 bling hair flat iron
LCD display
480F top temperature
MCH heating material
bling hair flat iron


[1] LCD Temperature Display,touch screen                                                            

[2] Works well with Brazilian Keratin.  temperature adjustable from 122 to 470 degree F( 50~243 celsius),

[3] Titanium or Ceramic Tourmaline plate

[4] width of plate 26.0MM

[5]Universal voltage adapt to 110~240V                   

[6] Newest heater MCH

[7] Lock mode, when the temperature reaching to the default temperature  for 3 seconds, the hair iron will go into Lock mode, the temperature can not be adjustable , press the 'unlock' button, the Lock mode will be stopped                                                        
[8] The iron Stop using for 3 minutes, it goes into Sleep mode,run  in a lower power. Press the 'ON/OFF' button instantly, the sleep mode will be stopped  

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