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Ultrasonic Hair Extension Iron

Model No:JS306
Ultrasonic Hair Extension Iron


[1]. Suitable for many types of hair extension systems, (keratin silky straight hair, pre-bonded hair, hair bonding, nail hair and stick hair.)
[2].It is easy to operate for the beginners.
[3].It can work at once after turning the power switch on, (When turning the power switch on, the red light in the switch will light.)
[4]. Only sticking an object between the points of this tool after turning the power switch on. The blue light in the oscillator will light when sticking objects, and it will extinguish after several seconds.
[5]. The points of the handle will not heat and don't burn hands when they touch glue, and it is easy to clean because it don't adhere to any glue on the points when heating.

[6]. There is on anxiety of burning because it's the ultrasonic, and less hurt to hair. 
[7]. Read the security instruction carefully in order to use the product correctly.

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